Alpha BRAIN Instant - Peach (30ct box) +

Alpha BRAIN Instant - Peach (30ct box)

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30 in a box peach flavored Alpha BRAIN instant-Tasty on the go fuel mixes with water


  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Overall mental performance

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ow Alpha brain instant optimizes you.

Alpha BRAIN instant is our fastest way to help otpimize your mental performance,without the use of any stimulants. In two double-blind trials, the Alpha BRAN formula has demonstrated it has the ability to help improve memory, focus and processing sped ih healthy adults by targeting neurotransmitter percursors directly This means Alpha BRAIN may help you remember names places focus on complex tasks,, and improve your reaction time to external stimulus.

Ignite your Brain

Alpha brain does what an energy drink wishes it could. Acting directly on the neurotransmitters there are no stimulants to send you on the roller coaster and the clinically tested formula has shown benefits to memory, focus and processing speed in healthy adults.


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